CES phones revealed some key trends we’ll see this year, like cheaper foldable phones

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> This OnePlus concept phone looks gorgeous from the front and has a peek-a-boo camera on the back. 

Angela Lang/CNET This story is part of CES 2020, our complete coverage of the showroom floor and the hottest new tech gadgets around. The phones of CES weren’t many, but they were informative, hinting at important trends we’ll see in 2020 — including cheaper applications of 2019’s most expensive features. Typically, the CES showing settles on midrange devices, but this year also brought us some interesting concepts to chew over, and a realistic look at what we can look forward to.

This isn’t unusual. Phone makers are far more likely to save their whiz-bang features and high-powered specs for Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile show, which takes place Feb. 24 to 27 in Barcelona.

Until then, soak up the hints of what’s to come, including a concept for a peek-a-boo camera that disappears from view when you’re not using it.

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