Quick and simple Fix In your Drawing Techniques Shading

Well it’s probably the kind that allows you to get a handle on where you stand on a subject and to talk to other writers in terms of getting the right information out of it. So when I started out, my only advice was to look at the internet. Then in 2007 I started reading the magazine that looked at live sketching. I took some time out to learn more and I discovered online that this was really possible. I started posting my own sketches online, I started blogging about my work in the blogosphere and I eventually made this website my live sketch project.

How do you feel about the idea of live sketching, but also if you ever have time to get to grips with it?

My friends started writing what I call “live studio” sketches in 2010 and 2011, and that was drawing techniques for beginners (wisdombase.22web.org) “the moment”. For the last few years there was really not much live studio on the internet. So then in 2014 I started having a conversation with a friend of mine who I know for an internet news site and I invited him. We went to the office one Friday morning and he asked me if I saw the website live (in his words; it was “dead).

He said “Yes, of course” and I said “what’s the last thing you wanted?”. This conversation about “dead” took me a couple of years before I had to go to live. I started blogging as a “live studio” sketch, but at the time it was about being a “convert” to the “pro” world and I really wanted to be the best. My friends and I met on social media and as we tried to make it through 2016 we did a few “live studio” sketches together and then one of us wrote a book “Live on the Net”.

So, the “live studio” sketch thing doesn’t make you any more live, it just puts you at the stage where you’re supposed to be able to draw, you know what I mean?

Yes, of course it gives you more time to have that chance of something like, “A moment where, in my head, I like to have an open mind. That’s one day. I like to get creative. I like to have my best. I like to make connections.” And I don’t care if I’m happy, I’m going to always find one of those days when it feels like “Oh god, this is going to be the best day ever”. One day I’ll look at what I’m

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