So often one has to fall into the lap of a loan or even credit card to meet their financial needs

So often one has to fall into the lap of a loan or even credit card to meet their financial needs. But those needs will get fulfilled only when you have a strong credit history to boast of. A weak history has played the role of a villain in the life of many by becoming the reason for the rejection of their credit application they made in the past. You better not face such a situation and so you must know your credits history. The best way by which you can know is by checking it at Experian, one of the leading credit information companies in India. Experian provides an exhaustive credit report depicting every single detail of the loan or credit card you may have. The report can be accessed free of cost. So, come and read on Free Experian Report India in this article.

How to Get Free Experian Credit Report?

You can get an Experian credit report by clicking on ‘Get Your Credit Report and Score’. Afterward, you need to fill personal details such as your name, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail ID, PAN number, and captcha code before clicking on ‘Submit’ button. You will be directed to a page asking you to generate the password that must have the desired number of special character, numeric and alphabets. Subsequently, you can login with your credentials to check the credit score as well as report.

What Does Experian Score Report Highlight?

It highlights the type of borrower you are or were by unearthing every single insight of your credit behaviour. The report would focus on the extent of credit utilization case, the kind of repayment track displayed, the discipline shown in your repayment, and several other details. In the case of finding the repayment timely and smooth, the report would sound positive. Else, there would be dark spots visible on the report to get corrected to hear the news of approval. If you are utilizing a heavy chunk of the credit card limit, chances are that the score would come down and so will be reflected as a negative point on the report. What does a heavy utilization do is create a fear of default. The fast vanishing limit will push up the bills only to make smooth repayment a distant reality. That’s why it drops your score and affect your report negatively. However, you can take a cue from the suggestions to shift the gear of your repayment cycle.

Let’s be honest in differentiating the discretionary and indiscretionary spends. Make a list of both and remove the latter out of it to save that extra amount to pay on time. Keeping a habit of regular payment would improve your score and thus put you in a position to command and not demand credit.

What Is an Ideal Experian Credit Score?

Ideally, one should have a score of 750 and above to make lenders approve your credit application without any delay. Such a score not only helps in the approval but also makes it easy to grab the attractive loan or credit card offers on display. Even those between 700-749 can hope for a credits approval. But their offers may not be that appealing. The hope for a credit approval, though, is quite slim for those having a score below 700.

Vikas Das, who keeps updating the latest around the financial sphere, has now come with its view on check free Experian Credit Report India . The article would hopefully help many grab a loan offer. For More Details: website Free Experian Credit Report India to Steer Clear of Approval Uncertainties

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